Innovative Product (Maka Pads) Addressing Real Needs of Young Women in Uganda

A few years ago, I attended an Entrepreneurship Conference organised by the Makarere University Business School (MUBS), where an innovative product dubbed Maka Pads was presented. What is this product all about? 
Well, In the western terrains of Uganda, in a refugee camp, Dr. Moses Kizza Musaazi invented and is running a simple but ingenious scheme. Making environmentally friendly sanitary pads out of papyrus reeds. The pads, MakaPads sanitary pads, are the only trademarked biodegradable sanitary pads made in Africa. Dr. Musaazi developed the idea and technique while looking for a way to help school-going girls.
Dr. Musaazi is a senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology at Makerere University, in Kampala, Uganda.
“I realised that the basic reason girls were missing school was because they could not afford sanitary pads during the menstruation periods,” Dr. Musaazi said in revealing what inspired …

Is a PhD losing its value?

I came across this article whilst doing some Internet research. It is worth reading and I would value your comments on what your views are. This is an answer to the question: Is a PhD losing its value? by Scott E. Fahlman, Professor Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon, LTI and CSD. Answered Sep 25, 2015 · Upvoted by John L. Miller, B.S., M.S., PhD with 25 years industry experience.  Sourcerl:

There are a few issues here... 
In my field, computer science, back in the 1980s, a PhD from a good school used to give you a very good shot at getting a faculty position in at least a decent school. Jobs at the very best universities have always required something special, but the field was young and fast-growing, and a lot of schools were trying to build up their core faculty. Now CS is more mature, and most departments have a lot of tenured faculty and are growing more slowly, if at all. I think that a lot of other technical fields have a similar temporal profile.
The g…

Festival of eLearning Conference kicks off

The Festival of e-Learning officially started yesterday. The Festival of eLearning is an opportunity to deepen the network of e-Learning experts at various levels. It is being hosted by a team from e/Merge Africa. e/Merge Africa is a network of eLearning professionals in Africa. The Festival of e-Learning started with a keynote that was presented by Dr. Jessica Aguto, conveyor of the Master’s in Instructional Design at Makarere University in Uganda. Dr. Aguto spoke on “Capacity Building for Teachers: The Weakest Link in Transforming ICT integration in Education". Her presentation brought out the stages of ICT integration as being:
Emerging stage: Focus is on learning basic ICT skills and identifying ICT components.  Applying stage: Teachers use ICT for professional purposes, focusing on improving their subject teaching in order to enrich how they tech with a range of ICT applications.  Infusing stage: Schools incorporate ICT across the curriculum. ICT infuse all aspects of teache…

Challenges and Opportunities for Zambian Women Entrepreneurs: Conceptual Framework

The participation of women entrepreneurs in the economy can be considered from the role of entrepreneurship in economic development. Entrepreneurship helps not only in increasing national per capita income but also in initiating and constituting change in the structure of business and society. The change is accompanied by growth and increased output, which allows more wealth to be divided by the various participants (Hisrich, Peters and Shepherd, 2005:15). Since entrepreneurship plays an important role in the economic development of nations, it is important to study the role that women entrepreneurs play in contributing to this development. In other words would the absence of women entrepreneurs from business have a significant impact on the economy?
Hisrich et al. (2005:69) observe that there has been significant growth in female self employment, with women now starting new ventures at a higher rate than men. In the United States, women are starting businesses at twice the rate of a…

Literature Review Tips

A number of postgraduate students struggle to write a good and readable literature review for their dissertation. I found the following article on "Writing Thesis and Dissertation Proposals" available from: very useful. Hope you find it useful too! .................................................................................................................................................................... The literature review is a critical look at the existing research that is significant to the work that you are carrying out. Obviously, at this point you are not likely to have read everything related to your research questions, but you should still be able to identify the key texts with which you will be in conversation as you write your dissertation. Literature reviews often include both the theoretical approaches to your topic and research (empirical or analytical) on your topic. 
Writing the literature review allows you to understand:  How oth…

Studying at the University of Cape Town: My Reflections (1)

In March 2011 I travelled to Cape Town for the first time since to attend my first block release class for my Postgraduate Educational Technology Diploma. The diploma programme had four courses: which were arranged in four block release classes of one week each preceded by some online tasks and succeeded by some online tasks and a long paper assignment. I met my amazing classmates: Elina, Helen, Dorothy, Tari, Caroline, Kinsley, Julius, David and Munya. These classmates were from Namibia, Cameroon, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. A truly pan-African class! We met at All Africa House in the late afternoon. It was exciting to finally meet after interacting online. We did our self-introductions and then settled in our rooms. 

Most of my classmates (see photo above) were accommodated at All Africa House except Kinsley and I who for that week were accommodated at Knightsbury Guest House (a walking distance from All Africa House) as there was not enough space to accommodate all of us t…