Monday, August 6, 2012

ICTs in Education Postgraduate Programme with UCT

Greetings to you all and hope that grace of God is with you. Some of you had requested me to shade more light on the course I am currently doing with The University of Cape Town, RSA. This is a two year program by distance learning, but with four (one week) face to face block sessions (residential school).

The first year has four modules and leads to a Postgraduate Diploma in Information & Communication Technologies in Education. The second year leads to a Masters in ICTs in Education. It is a course that is intended to empower teachers/lecturers in the use of 'emerging technologies' in teaching. As you may well agree with me, most of us have stuck to the use of 'chalk & board' type of teaching. Although a number of schools pride in having 'computer labs', these are mainly used for teaching IT & Computer Science. We are living in a world that is advancing technologically at an 'exponential rate', and as teachers we cannot afford to be left out. We are in the so called developing countries where we think it is hard to implement such technologies, but this program equips you with the knowledge to be the change/driver in such an environment by grabbing the opportunities that present themselves in our society, e.g. the proliferation of mobile phones (even our charcoal burners have them - not that they are not worthy to have them, but it is an opportunity).

The program is run by the Centre of Educational Technology in association with the School of Education. The two modules I have done so far have 'opened' up my mind in terms of the use of technology in teaching and the designing of essential teaching tools. Our lecturers, Associate Professor Dick Ng'ambi & Dr. Cheryl Brown with their support team are superb! The work of course is very demanding, but there is a support system we have created for each other (Student - Lecturer & Student - Student via Internet as we are from different African Countries).

Finally, I know issues of money are a challenge to most of us, but the good news is that there is a Mellon Scholarship you can also apply for. However, there is a limited number of scholarships available, so you have to excel in their assessment task & interview. By the grace of God I am on this scholarship which a friend of mine Mr. Gabriel Konayuma introduced me to. It covers all the costs - travel by air, insurance, accommodation, food allowance & more importantly tuition. Please visit this website for more details:  . I hope that you will find this information helpful. Keep in touch so we share ideas!

Yours in Teaching

Jerran Phiri,
Maseru, Lesotho

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