Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Consulting my Dissertation Supervisor

I am currently at the University of Cape Town in Cape Town to meet with my Masters in Education, Information Communication Technologies supervisor Dr. Cheryl Brown. I have been in Cape Town since 2nd February. I spent the first week using the University Library to fill up gaps in my Literature Review. The library is well stocked and has very good books suitable for my study topic: “Challenges and Enablers of e-Learning Policy Implementation in Vocational Training Institutions in Zambia”. In the second week, I have started my meetings consulting my supervisor on my dissertation updating her on the work I have covered so far and what my gaps are so far.

At the first meeting, my supervisor and I agree: that the focus for the work to be covered this week is: filling in the gaps in my Literature review and clarifying how I will approach my data analysis. Dr Brown said she would send me useful articles to fill in some gaps I have in my Literature Review.
  • During our meeting she noted that I needed to avoid mixing data collection with what is in my Literature Review.
  • I also need to check that the concepts and my research title are covered in my Literature Review.
  • There is also need to search for works by T. Unwin who has done a lot of work around surveying e-Learning in Africa.
  • My Literature review would also have to ensure that ‘Diffusion in Innovation’ is included in my Conceptual Framework.
  • I would also need to go back to research proposal and see how I said I would analyse my data.
  • Dr Brown also gave an example of how useful Excel can be used to organise and analyse the collected data. 

Today, my focus is on checking how useful the articles that Dr. Brown sent me are in filling my Literature Review gaps and also how think on how I will use Diffusion of Innovation theory to analyse my collected data. I will also need to ensure that all references for my Literature Review are uploaded to my Vula site. At my next meeting with my supervisor, I can then update her on my progress and any challenges faced. 

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