Monday, September 30, 2013

Characteristics of a Dissertation

What are the characteristics of a Dissertation? Well here are 7 characteristics that were presented in a lecture by Mr Changala to our MBA class of 2004 when I was studying with Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA). I hope you find them useful.

Characteristics of a Dissertation
1. An independent piece of work.
2. Shows detailed knowledge and understanding. It needs detail with a minimum of 35 references and
     maximum of 100 references.
3. Shows critical and analytical thinking.
4. It illustrates the context of academic knowledge.
5. Has a high standard of communication.
6. Demonstrates original work and research.
7. Has an academic approach i.e. it is an academic document and must have appropriate format following accepted traditions of referencing styles. It should always include a bibliography and should   normally be written in a very formal style using the third person.


  1. That is why making a dissertation is hard and will take too much time.

  2. Has a scholastic approach i.e. it is a scholarly record and should have fitting organization following acknowledged conventions of referencing styles. Someone to Write my Essay It ought to dependably incorporate a list of sources and ought to typically be composed in an extremely formal style utilizing the third individual.

  3. it is an academic record and ought to have fitting association following recognized traditions Do my Essay for Me of referencing styles. It should reliably consolidate a rundown of sources and should normally be created in a to a great degree formal style using the third person.